Sandip Foundation


Sandip Foundation, Mahirawani,Nashik. (Shri. Sandip Jha)
Ar. Abhoy Shah & Associates, Mulund, Mumbai.
Rs. 30 Crore
Total Area
3.70 Lac Sq. Ft.
Jan 2010 - Aug. 2013
  • SIEM - 01 & Admin building 1.0 lac Sq. Ft. area with post tension slab.
  • All external finish in Dhangadra stone.
  • On both side of Admin building huge staircase is given for entrance at G.F. of Admin building which is triangular canopy.
  • Civil, Mechanical & C Block building with 1.60 lac Sq. Ft. area.
  • Building is with post tension slab work with huge span with clear area Of 7000 sq. ft. hall for both building.
  • All form shuttering work. Internal finishing in gypsum plaster, External finish with Malad stone work.
  • Admin building is in circular shape. Entrance of all three buildings in half round canopy.
  • Pharmacy building of 1.10 lac sq.ft. area.
  • External windows fills just like capsule & tablet shape. Entrance two columns are in siring shape. On both ends buildings in circular shape with half round projections which are in reenforcement work.